Editors Guide


Editors Guide

Only authenticated users can create or edit wiki pages. You can login or register here. You can change any content on a page but if the changes are deemed incorrect, undesirable or inappropriate then they will be reverted. Appropriate topics for discussion are OS X scripting and related technologies.

The scripting wiki pages are formatted using Markdown and Markdown Extra. For more guidance on basic Markdown syntax see the Markdown Rules.

Creating Pages

Page may be created explicitly or via freelinks.

To explicitly create a new page click the New Page link in the wiki user menu. On the Create Wiki Page enter:

  • Page Title : A descriptive page title. Make sure to get it right as you will not be able to modify it on subsequent edits (this is to prevent you inadvertently breaking any freelinks that may point that that entry).

  • Wiki Page Content : The page content. The subject matter must be pertinent to OS X scripting and related technologies. Follow the Markdown Rules when editing. The toolbar may be used to insert common Markdown tags.

  • Log message : A short message detailing the changes made to the page. This is required to assist with the process of reverting pages.

Click the Save button to save the entry.

Creating Pages Using Freelinks

A freelink is a link to another page in the wiki. By default a freelink references a wiki page title. If you click a freelink to a page that already exists you will be taken to that page. However, if a logged in user clicks a freelink to a page that does not yet exist they will be given the opportunity to create the page. Freelinks are entered using a double set of square brackets:

We can freelink to the [[OS X Scripting and Automation Wiki]] home page.

Which renders as : We can freelink to the OS X Scripting and Automation Wiki home page.

Note that we have referenced the existing page by its title. In the following example we reference a page that should not yet exist:

[[This page should not exist]] and should link to the new page form.

Which renders as : This page should not exist and should link to the new page form.

For more information see the freelink page.