1 user licence $39.99
2 user licence $69.99
3 user licence $105.99
4 user licence $139.99
5 user licence $169.99
10 user licence $329.99
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About KosmicTask Licensing

KosmicTask may be used in standalone mode by a single user or by a number of simultaneous users communicating via the network. KosmicTask limits the number of connections it will accept to the number of installed licences.

Single User Operation
If a single user licence is installed then the local user will be able to access and administer all tasks on their local machine. The user will not be able to connect to other instances of KosmicTask or share tasks with other users.
Network Operation
If more than 1 licence is installed then the user can connect to and share tasks with other users via the network. For example, if 2 licences are installed then the user can access and share tasks with one other networked user. If 10 users require to share tasks with each other then 10 licences will be required.

Additional licences may be added at any time to increase the number of allowed connections. The time limited trial version of KosmicTask includes 10 trial licences. For more information on licensing and connections see the KosmicTask FAQ.

Product Warranty

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