Get a Free KosmicTask Licence


Get a Free KosmicTask Licence

Get KosmicTask free. Just contribute to the automation archive.

Yes, you can get a free 2 user KosmicTask licence (worth $69.99) free! All you have to do is contribute 10 unique items to the open source OS X application automation archive.

Submitting items to the documentation archive is easy and straightforward. To find out how to do it and claim your free KosmicTask licence just read the archive submission guidelines. You can submit either an actual application (in which case we will produce the automation documentation by querying the application itself) or the actual automation documentation itself. The second option is most applicable in the case of applications for which a free download or trial version is not available.

Items can be submitted to the archive either by email to or via github (see the guidelines for precise details on how to submit via github and email). Once we have received your submissions we format them prior to uploading them to the archive website (it should come as no big surprise that we use KosmicTask to power the documentation generation, formatting and uploading process). Then we send you your free 2 user KosmicTask licence. Now what could be easier than that!

For queries or more information on this offer contact us on