KosmicTask Release Notes (betas)


KosmicTask Release Notes (betas)

Current release notes.

KosmicTask 1.0 (rc 3)

4th March 2010

Release candidate 3

This release runs as a 21 day trial.

  1. Fix MID:664. Multiple task attachment sending failure.
  2. Fix MID:667. Manual host not connected but appearing in search bar.
  3. Fix MID:668. Manual host adding/removal defective.
  4. Fix MID:669. Manual host only checked for availability at launch.
  5. Fix MID:670. Can form multiple connections to same manual host.
  6. Fix MID:671. Heartbeat timeout can cause connection hiatus.

KosmicTask 1.0 (rc 2)

26th February 2010

Release candidate 2

This release runs as a 21 day trial.

  1. Fix MID:653. Licence terminology changes.
  2. Fix MID:658. Remote server connection app hang.
  3. Fix MID:659. Attachment data handling.
  4. Fix MID:660. Disconnect server sheet exception.
  5. Fix MID:661. Connect server sheet malfunctions.
  6. Fix MID:662. Remote connection send data counter is 0.

KosmicTask 1.0 (rc 1)

14th February 2010

Release candidate 1

This release will not validate requests against previous beta releases.
Please update all clients.

This release runs as a 21 day trial.

  1. Fix MID:642. Toolbar task play controls fail to update 2nd time task run.
  2. Fix MID:643. Result window minimum size decreased.
  3. Fix MID:639. If server autostart enabled - server not restarting if killed/crashes.
  4. Fix MID:638. Request validation format finalised.
  5. Fix MID:547. Trial period is 21 days.
  6. Fix MID:023. File plugin required file types not respected.
  7. Fix MID:639. If server autostart enabled - server not restarting if killed/crashes.

KosmicTask 1.0 (beta 3)

29th January 2010

Build expires 12th March 2010.

3rd Beta.

  1. Fix MID:059. KosmicTask return file path only works for POSIX path
  2. Fix MID:582. Example script should exceed 100.
  3. Fix MID:603. Missing KosmicTask handler.
  4. Fix MID:613. Permit optional user interaction.
  5. Fix MID:614. Improve release logging.
  6. Fix MID:615. Excess terminate requests logged.
  7. Fix MID:616. Excessive script source requests sent.
  8. Fix MID:621. Data parameter input type invalid.
  9. Fix MID:622. Dictionary display broken.
  10. Fix MID:623. Bonjour service misnamed.
  11. Fix MID:625. Bundled task keys not correctly set during build.
  12. Fix MID:576. Alert when connection limit exceeded.
  13. Fix MID:577. Connection limit imposed.
  14. Fix MID:578. Can delete a task currently open for editing.
  15. Fix MID:581. Text parameter empty validation failing.
  16. Fix MID:584. Crash when clear number parameter.
  17. Fix MID:586. Match task search target to selected machine.
  18. Fix MID:597. Spurious UUID logging.
  19. Fix MID:600. Auto generated handler parameter names invalid.
  20. Fix MID:604. Second task save request fails even though GUI updated.
  21. Fix MID:605. Increase request info in debug mode log.
  22. Fix MID:609. Editing parameter items does not mark task as dirty.
  23. Fix MID:612. Editing task modified/created date does not mark task as dirty.

KosmicTask 1.0.0 (beta 2.2)

10th January 2010

Build expires 21st February 2010.

Another increment on the 2nd beta.

  1. Fix MID:559. Large result sets can block app. NSTreeController binding at fault.
  2. Fix MID:563. OSA runtime overflow error.
  3. Fix MID:565. Number parameter whole number option.
  4. Fix MID:566. Cannot quit app if one or more tasks do not respond to terminate request.
  5. Fix MID:568. Prevent closing of processing task tabs.
  6. Fix MID:569. Update progress during result processing.
  7. Fix MID:570. Edit window task executions getting added to history.
  8. Fix MID:556. View corruption when scroll input parameters.
  9. Fix MID:562. Main NSSplitView subviews incorrectly sized when hide detail view.
  10. Add MID:573. Task tabs now default to pinned.
  11. Fix MID:572. App crash in NSTextView when load 2MB result data into two windows.

KosmicTask 1.0.0 (beta 2.1)

Released: 3rd January 2010
Beta expires: 14th February 2010

An increment on the second beta.

  1. Fix MID:549. Parameter view incorrectly sized.
  2. Fix MID:550. Parameter view cannot be sized.
  3. Fix MID:551. Exception validating edit window menus
  4. Fix MID:553. Incorrect run mode displayed when configuring tasks.
  5. Fix MID:554. Disable edit mode segment in edit window when running task.
  6. Fix MID:552. Script compile toolbar and menu enabling.
  7. Fix MID:555. Find broken in result text view.
  8. Fix MID:558. Parameter input view highlighting.
  9. Fix MID:019. List parameter display improved.
  10. Fix MID:424. List parameter selection not retained when task completes.
  11. Fix MID:425. List parameter selection not retrieved from history.

KosmicTask 1.0.0 (beta 2.0)

Released: 23rd December 2009
Beta expires: 3rd February 2010

This is the second fully fledged beta.
All features have been implemented.

  1. Fix MID:548. Send plugin app hang issue.
  2. Fix MID:060. Improved text result formatting.
  3. Fix MID:437. Word and Excel send plugins restored.
  4. Fix MID:007. Group icon updating.
  5. Fix MID:055. Group display list issue when save task.
  6. Fix MID:544. New task script template not applied.
  7. Fix MID:010. Group and task selection not maintained when changing modes.
  8. Fix MID:440. Task progress corrupted when change tabs.
  9. Fix MID:526. Main splitview resizing issues.
  10. Fix MID:522. Removed admin user requirement to write to app bundle.
  11. Fix MID:527. Server reconnection issue is server already running.
  12. Add MID:541. Result view window controls implemented.
  13. Add MID:540. Tab preference handling.
  14. Fix MID:538. Client context created to track mode changes.
  15. Add MID:537. Task activity view context menu added.
  16. Fix MID:536. Result save menu fixed.
  17. Fix MID:535. Multiple file save fixed.
  18. Fix MID:530. Running task and configuration mode issues.
  19. Fix MID:422. Improved memory usage.
  20. Fix MID:056. Selected task now updates after edit.
  21. Fix MID:548. Send plugin app hang issue.
  22. Add MID:028. Application menu structure completed.

KosmicTask 1.0.0 (beta 1.4)

Released: 24th November 2009
Beta expires: 5th January 2010

This is just an update release to keep the beta active.
I have resumed development work on KosmicTask and will be pushing for a public release in the early New Year.
Thanks for your patience.

  1. Added: Signed app using trusted CA code cert (MID: 511).

KosmicTask 1.0.0 (beta 1.3)

Released: 14th October 2009
Beta expires: 25th November 2009

  1. Fixed: licence view exception (MID: 409).
  2. Fixed: script source view preview (MID: 420).
  3. Fixed: tasks do not run if toolbar hidden (MID: 430).
  4. Fixed: progress table header unrecognised selector (MID: 24).
  5. Fixed: number parameter issues (MID: 442).
  6. Fixed: parameter reset issues (MID: 443, 444, 446).
  7. Fixed: buggy scripts (MID: 421).
  8. Fixed: cannot stop task in edit window (MID: 57).
  9. Fixed: issues in detached task run window (MID: 448).
  10. Fixed: issue running task in one window triggers all open tasks to run (MID: 449).
  11. Added: allow detached run window to remain on top (MID: 451).
  12. Fixed: minimal size of run window (MID: 453).
  13. Fixed: could close window while task active (MID: 452).
  14. Added: minimal form of run window (MID: 450).
  15. Added: show task result in run window minimal form footer (MID: 454).
  16. Fixed: allow task pause while sending and receiving (MID: 27).
  17. Fixed: expand shared outline by default (MID: 467).
  18. Added: history context menu (MID: 468).
  19. Fixed: exception and connection loss on sleep (MID: 456, 469).
  20. Fixed: disable save and compile for open disconnected tasks (MID: 470).
  21. Added: Quick Look generator for KosmicTask files (MID: 472).

KosmicTask 1.0.0 (beta 1.2)

Released: 12th September 2009
Beta expires: 24th October 2009

  1. Added support for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. (MID: 435)
  2. Improved launch time. (MID: 434)
  3. Removed splash screen. (MID: 431)
  4. Main animated transport view now acts as a button. (MID: 429)
  5. Fixed number input parameter sizing issue. (MID: 428)

KosmicTask 1.0.0 (beta 1.1)

Released: 3rd September 2009
Beta expires: 15th October 2009

  1. Fixed SSL based timing issue which would periodically cause the client to fail to connect to the server. (MID: 413)
  2. Improved conversion of script results. Dates now correctly handled (now using the objc-appscript codec). (MID: 417)
  3. Added suffix to search result total to indicate that other search matches exist in trusted user mode. (MID: 416)
  4. Fixed Spotlight search failure issue when copy app to other machines. (MID: 412)
  5. Fixed exception on NULL result. (MID: 418)
  6. Fixed AppleScript compilation issue. This would cause frequent compile failure and server crashes. Moved all script execution and compilation into the task runner. (MID: 61)
  7. Added help book. (MID: 51)
  8. Fixed Sparkle improperly signed update issue. Beta 1.0 users will need to download and reinstall. (MID: 426)

KosmicTask 1.0.0 (beta 1)

Initial Beta release - 18th August 2009