KosmicTask Release Notes


KosmicTask Release Notes

KosmicTask 1.2.6

1st October 2012
  1. MID 1535: Added editor preferences. Preferences can now be set for the following script editor parameters:
    • Font name and size.
    • Text, background, invisible character and selection colour.
    • Syntax colouring.
    • Invisible character display.
    • Spell checking.
    • Line number display.
    • Brace matching.
    • Page guide.
    • Simple autocomplete.
    • Auto insert braces.
    • Tab width.
    • Auto indent.
    • Line wrapping.
  2. MID 1021: Fixed AppleScript code colouring. Built AppleScript should now be coloured as it is within the AppleScript Editor. Previously KT AppleScript was coloured according to a set of keywords but the nature of AppleScript terminology makes this approach unreliable. The new implementation means that common commands such as 'so shell script' will be correctly coloured. The colours used to highlight AppleScript are those returned by the AppleScript compiler and therefore do not match those defined in the editor preferences.
  3. MID 1489: Updated documentation to note the removal of support for appscript.
  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

KosmicTask 1.2.5

7th September 2012
  1. MID 1485: Updated for OS X 10.8 compatibility.
  2. MID 1490: Appscript support has been dropped and appscript templates have been removed.
  3. MID 1529: Updated LuaCocoa for OS X 10.8 compatibility.
  4. MID 1528: Updated JSCocoa for OS X 10.8 compatibility.
  5. MID 1411: Fixed task input scrolling issue (scrolling would stick when trying to scroll over input parameters with embedded scrollviews).
  6. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

KosmicTask 1.2.4

20th June 2012
  1. MID 1416: Updated JSCocoa.
  2. MID 1447: Fixed exception when saving task with empty task name.
  3. MID 1482: Improved edit window menu handling.
  4. MID 1483: Improved edit window short description handling.
  5. MID 1484: Signed app with Apple developer ID cert (for GateKeeper compatibility).
  6. MID 1431: Fixed exception on task run when delete default task inputs in edit view.
  7. MID 1486: Fixed exception on task run when delete task parameter description in edit view.
  8. MID 1410: Disable default reporting of Cocoa task runner exceptions.
  9. MID 1448: Fixed Ruby rb-appscript missing dependency (ae.bundle).
  10. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

KosmicTask 1.2.3

13th April 2012
  1. MID 1285: Improved F-Script build.
  2. MID 1390: The stderr tab in the task edit view is now only shown when additional build info is available.
  3. MID 1389: The F-Script build error location is now correctly highlighted within the script.
  4. MID 1391: The build toolbar button now remains enabled if any build errors are reported.
  5. MID 1394: The build sheet now displays all build errors in a scrollable textview.
  6. MID 1386: Removed spurious kosmicFile key from some results.
  7. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

KosmicTask 1.2.2

9th April 2012
  1. MID 1371: Improved task template error handling.
  2. MID 1370: Added KosmicName key to task templates.
  3. MID 1369: Turned off auto text replacement on template editor.
  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

KosmicTask 1.2.1

21st March 2012

  1. MID 1355: Fixed request queue management issues for user terminated tasks.
  2. MID 1347: Fixed handling of empty result returned when Java is not yet installed.:
  3. MID 1363: Renamed tasks to conform to a clearer verb first naming convention.
  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

KosmicTask 1.2.0

This release was not made public.

NOTE: Improvements to the KosmicTask networking protocol mean that v1.2.0 cannot inter-operate with earlier versions of the application. Please ensure that you update all application installations to the latest version.
  1. MID 1146: Added real time logging. Most tasks were updated to provide real time user feedback using this mechanism.
  2. MID 1182: Fixed issue committing editing when resource browser was no longer key.
  3. MID 1274: Updated appscript for Ruby and Python.
  4. MID 1292: Fixed issue were ... entered in editor was converted to an ellipsis character crashing some scripts.
  5. MID 1308: Fixed result text document line wrap toggling. Document view now defaults to line wrap on.
  6. MID 1281: Fixed task and result pin buttons not displaying the On state.
  7. MID 1313: Added KosmicName result key to assist with result formatting. and display. Updated tasks to use this key.
  8. MID 1290: Fixed resurrection error in attachment handling.
  9. MID 1323: Fixed resurrection error in browser image handling.
  10. MID 1277: Updated YAML components to latest releases.
  11. MID 1160: Updated markdown Quick Look plugin with latest version of Discount markdown engine.
  12. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

KosmicTask 1.1.2

9th September 2011

  1. MID 1166: Settings could be modified in template sheet.
  2. MID 1167: Application supplied resources settings could be modified.
  3. MID 1165: User temple and resource changes were not persisted.
  4. MID 1164: Command line option error in java template.
  5. MID 1170: Template sheet always built prior to display even when no resource changes had occurred.
  6. MID 1169: Deleted or duplicated resources not shown on template sheet.
  7. MID 1171: Context menu generates resources in wrong list.
  8. MID 1174: Log noise reduced.
  9. MID 1176: User resources not correctly saved.
  10. MID 1175: Resource document format control remains displayed for non editable resources.
  11. MID 1177: Default template can be deleted immediately after assignment.
  12. MID 1172: New template incorrectly identified as a default.
  13. MID 1179: Errors logged when selecting empty resource lists.
  14. MID 1173: Empty resource list not correctly represented.

KosmicTask 1.1.1

4th September 2011

  1. MID 1157: Licence files can now only be installed for the current user not for all users.
  2. MID 1159: Fixed keychain issue which meant that user was prompted to grant private key access by KosmicTaskServer when remote admin access was first requested.

KosmicTask 1.1

29th August 2011

Commercial release. This version requires OS X 10.6 and above.

Change list since RC 1.

  1. MID 1151: Detached task windows could not be resized on OS X 10.7.

KosmicTask 1.1 Release Candidate 1

16th August 2011

This release is fully functional but expires on the 27th of September 2011. This release requires OS X 10.6 and above.

Change list since last preview.

  1. MID 1131: Fixed extraneous authentication requests may be sent.
  2. MID 1129: Fixed task script request may fail authentication when changing hosts.
  3. MID 1136: Fixed exception showing sidebar when tasks running.
  4. MID 1142: Fixed main splitview resizing issues.
  5. MID 1143: Fixed default text in file path parameter plugin.
  6. MID 1015: Fixed wrong font applied when delete all text from editor.

KosmicTask 1.1 Preview 4

3rd August 2011

This release is fully functional but expires on the 12th of September 2011. The application and all the language plug-ins have been upgraded to be compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion. OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard remains the minimum deployment target.

Change list since last preview.

  1. MID 1108: Fixed LuaCocoa compatibility issues on Lion.
  2. MID 1128: Fixed re-authentication issues following failed authentication request.
  3. MID 1124: Fixed resource browser crash on Lion.
  4. MID 1127: Fixed icon result view issue.
  5. MID 1123: Fixed exception catcher failure on Lion.
  6. MID 1120: Fixed Fragaria compatibility issues on Lion.
  7. MID 1115: Fixed PyObjc compatibility issues on Lion.
  8. MID 1119: Fixed JSCocoa compatibility issues on Lion.
  9. MID 1044: Added folder path parameter input plugin.
  10. MID 1112: Fixed build properties compatibility issues on Lion.
  11. MID 1105: Added markdown Quick Look plugin.
  12. MID 1104: Added markdown as default resource document format.
  13. MID 1101: Changed resource browser access.
  14. MID 1100: Help system moved on-line.

KosmicTask 1.1 Preview 3

17th June 2011

This release is fully functional but expires on the 28th July 2011.

Change list since last preview.

  1. MID 1086: Added JavaScript logging.
  2. MID 1083: Fixed exception when deleting template.
  3. MID 1082: Fixed template copy issue.
  4. MID 1084: Fixed AppleScript task logging.
  5. MID 1055: Fixed leak which prevented temporary result files from being deleted.
  6. MID 1059: Improved attachment file path handling.
  7. MID 1058: Added YAML export plugin.
  8. MID 1053: Fixed XML format rendering issue.

KosmicTask 1.1 Preview 2

May 2011

This release is fully functional but expires on the 16th June 2011.

Change list since last preview.

  1. Added context menu to search view.
  2. Resources are now replaced correctly when the app is updated.
  3. Context menus disabled when select empty rows (was raising).
  4. Added file path input parameter.
  5. Script type added to task description pane.
  6. Script type column added to task and search views.
  7. Searching now performs a boolean AND search.
  8. Added email log file item to help menu.
  9. Accumulated bug fixes.

KosmicTask 1.1 Preview 1

March 2011

Initial 1.1 preview release

KosmicTask 1.0.2

17th April 2010

  1. Fix MID:679: Network client selection not updated when switch between same task on different clients.

    Selection criteria was based on task UUID only, not UUID and client address.

  2. Fix MID:712. Application tasks in documents folder not updated with app.

    A build issue meant that the server component bundle ID did not match CFBundleVersion in info.plist. Hence the bundle task export failed. A new build script has been implemented plus the app now compares the compiled-in and plist bundle versions at launch.

  3. Fix MID:717. Application task metadata not correctly imported.

    Metadata was being imported from the app bundle rather than from ~/Documents/KosmicTask/Application tasks.

KosmicTask 1.0.1

13th April 2010

  1. Fix MID:704: Deprecated kosmicTask result keys updated to kosmicFile.
  2. Add MID:698. iPhoto task added.
  3. Fix MID:697. Mail scripting improved and results styled.
  4. Fix MID:688. Outline view list items not correctly sorted.
  5. Add MID:687. Inline result styling using CSS (just search for kosmicStyle).
  6. Fix MID:680. Screen capture task leaves image file on desktop.

KosmicTask 1.0

8th March 2010

v 1.0.0

First commercial release.

This release runs as a 21 day trial.

Beta Releases

Beta release notes.