KosmicQuitter - Stop Smoking - Smoking Diary - Alcohol and Substance Abuse


KosmicQuitter - Stop Smoking - Smoking Diary - Alcohol and Substance Abuse


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A Bit of Help With Stuff That's Hard to Quit


KosmicQuitter is a simple motivational application designed to help you manage and journal problem habits such as smoking and alcohol use.

Of course, a piece of software alone cannot make you change your behaviour. Only one thing on the planet can do that - and that thing is reading this sentence!

But many of us can benefit and make progress with our problem habits by seeking to come to terms with the true extent of our consumption.

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A Positive Approach - The Good Stuff!

KosmicQuitter enables you to place images of good stuff in opposition to the record of you substance use.

The positive images will help to reinforce the argument for trying to reduce or curtail your usage.

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Keeping a Record

KosmicQuitter encourages you to make individual entries journalling your substance usage. You may do this as often or as infrequently as you wish.

An outline view organises entries by year, month week and day.

A Unit Approach to Consumption

KosmicQuitter takes a unitary approach to consumption. A unit of consumption is whatever you define it to be:

A unit may be a single cigarette, a packet, or a carton.
A unit may be a single glass, a can, or a bottle.
Other Substances
Define your units as required.


KosmicQuitter's unitary approach to consumption means that it can be used to journal substance abuse habits in addition to smoking and alcohol use. You can also track your usage of more than one substance if required.

KosmicQuitter's unit editor can be used to define new units of any type. Units may also be assigned to a category to help with classification.

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Use Scoring to Take Responsibility

Part of KosmicQuitter's approach to taking responsibility is the setting of a score for each entry. The actual value may be chosen by you, making it your judgement of how well you think you have done.

Alternatively, the score can be calculated based on the entries expected versus actual consumption.


What You Spent and What You Saved

Hmm, this stuff is expensive!

KosmicQuitter uses your estimated and actual consumption information to keep a running total of what you spent on your habit and what you saved.

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Feedback and Support

We want KosmicQuitter to be as useful as it possibly can be. So if you think that the software can be improved then don't hestitate to contact us.

Just click on the Feedback and Support.. item in the main KosmicQuitter menu.