Photoshop ScriptingBridge : Photoshop CS5 on OS-X-10.7 (notes)
Use KosmicTask to automate Photoshop and other OS X applications
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Photoshop ScriptingBridge : Photoshop CS5 on OS-X-10.7 Documentation

This documentation for Photoshop CS5 is intended to complement that which is supplied by the AppleScript Editor dictionary browser. The ScriptingBridge (SB) derived documentation is useful because there are subtle differences between how AppleScript interprets an application scripting dictionary and how it is represented by the ScriptingBridge. The SB documentation provides explicit Cocoa method name and type information which makes formulating automation calls much easier.

This documentation set (Photoshop ScriptingBridge : Photoshop CS5 on OS-X-10.7) was generated from the output of the OS X sdp command. The original header file as output by the sdp command can be viewed under the Files section.

About the ScriptingBridge

Apple's ScriptingBridge technology provides a means of automating OS X applications from any Cocoa language. To learn more about application automation see the OS X application automation guide. If an application supports AppleScript based scripting then it can be scripted using the ScriptingBridge.

The ScriptingBridge Framework

The ScriptingBridge Framework defines a number of classes that serve as base objects for the classes exposed by the ScriptingBridge. These base classes are visible in the documentation and are:

SBApplication - an instance of a scriptable application.

SBObject - represents a scriptable object within the application.

SBElementArray - an NSMutableArray subclass that manages collections of related SBObject objects.

About KosmicTask

KosmicTask is an integrated scripting environment for OS X that provides support for application automation using the ScriptingBridge via a wide range of scripting languages. This documentation is provided by Mugginsoft LLP.