Importing and Embedding Existing HTML Content into Drupal


Importing and Embedding Existing HTML Content into Drupal

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This is just a run through list on importing existing HTML content into Drupal.

In my case I have a lot of RTF content that I convert into basic HTML. I then want to import that HTML content into Drupal and incorporate it into the existing site structure.

We will be using the Import HTML module. Installation is entirely normal and once installed module is listed under Import/Export. Enable as required. Note that a separate sample module is listed under Testing. Enable this too and be sure to check out he help doc.

We need the PHP XSL module. The server is Fedora based so we intone:

sudo yum install php-xsl

We also need PHP access to HTML TIDY.

sudo yum install lib-tidy
sudo yum install php-tidy

We should see tidy.ini and xsl.ini in


On a 64 bit system the PHP shared libraries will be in


Restart apache and view the Drupal PHP status at


The presence of XSL and TIDY should now be acknowledged. XSL presence can also be confirmed by viewing the Drupal path at


Note that there is also an option to install TIDY from within the module itself - see the setup tab.

We can confirm that the module and our loaded extensions are operating as expected by navigating to


We input the URL of a static HTML file and hopefully we will be greeted with a preview of the import.

The module help is good and should be read carefully.