Generating HTML AppleScript Dictionary with ASDictionary


Generating HTML AppleScript Dictionary with ASDictionary

ASDictionary exports scriptable Mac applications' dictionaries in plain text or HTML format. ASDictionary is used to generate the browsable AppleScript application dictionaries found in the Mugginsoft application automation documentation archive.


If you want to submit documentation to the automation documentation archive then please ensure that you have used the most recent version of ASDictionary available below.

Download ASDictionary 0.13.2

Exporting Application Dictionaries

  1. Use the Dictionary menu to select one or more scriptable applications or scripting additions, or drag-and-drop one or more application and/or scripting addition files onto ASDictionary's application icon or Export window.

  2. Select one or more file formats: plain text, single-file HTML and/or frame- based HTML. If an HTML format is chosen, check the Compact classes option to combine duplicate classes into one. (For example, TextEdit defines a document class in its Standard Suite, and again in its TextEdit Suite.) Check the Show invisibles option to include hidden classes and commands in HTML output.

  3. Select one or more terminology styles. The AppleScript style generates an AppleScript style dictionary. Use this style when submitting help documentation to the automation documentation archive. The export button will remain disabled until a terminology style is selected.

  4. Click 'Export', and select a destination folder for the generated files.

Scripting ASDictionary

ASDictionary provides a single AppleScript command, 'export', for exporting application and scripting addition dictionaries. For example:

tell application "ASDictionary"
    export {POSIX file "/Applications/", POSIX file"/Applications/"}
    to POSIX file "/Users/jsmith/Documents"
    using file formats {single file HTML, frame based HTML}
    with exporting to subfolders    
end tell

See ASDictionary's built-in dictionary for more information.