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Setting up Ubuntu 12.10 VPS on Linode

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Some notes on configuring a Linode VPS. We didn't use an installation script for this but simply referenced various linode and linux guides.

PhpBB 3 Email Notification for Moderation Queue

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PhpBB has no option to email moderators with the current status of the moderation queue. The following modified script sends an email with the current mod queue.

Storing Drupal Hierarchy in Subversion

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Often it may prove desirable to push an entire Drupal hierarchy into subversion. The example only provides for local file access.

On Fedora 8 subversion is already installed. To check if installation already present.

rpm -q subversion

Login as root and create subversion root dir and children.

[root~]# mkdir /svndir
[root~]# mkdir -p /svndir/repos
[root~]# mkdir /svndir/users
[root~]# mkdir /svndir/permissions
[root~]# chown -fhR webmaster.apache svndir

Now create repository for our html dir.

Configuring Outgoing Mail for Drupal with Postfix

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Scenario: Drupal 6 running on a Fedora 8 VPS requiring to send outgoing mail only via a Bluehost mail server.

Common unix admin commands

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Some common unix admin stuff for Fedora 8.

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