OS X Application Automation Documentation


OS X Application Automation Documentation

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The Mugginsoft application automation archive provides access to a browsable repository of automation documentation for a wide range of OS X applications. Documentation is provided for automation via AppleScript and the ScriptingBridge. Documentation can be added to this archive on request or by direct submission.

KosmicTask provides extensive support for application automation using both AppleScript and the ScriptingBridge. All of the documentation in this archive was generated, formatted and uploaded using KosmicTask.


The ScriptingBridge (SB) is an OS X technology that allows Cocoa languages to automate a wide range of applications. The SB documentation generally complements the native AppleScript (AS) dictionary information. The SB derived documentation is useful because there are distinct differences between how AppleScript interprets an application scripting dictionary and how it is represented by the ScriptingBridge. The SB documentation provides explicit Cocoa method name and type information which is essential when automating applications from Cocoa languages.

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